My presidency was not hacked by Separatists. More fake news!

Since I’ve taken office, the stories which have come out about me.  Well, they’re total lies.  Fake news.

The latest one concerns the whole Separatist movement, how they really hacked the Republic to get me into position as Chancellor and now as your President.



Bail Organa.  Look at this loser, I trounced him in the vote for Chancellor, and he’s still bitter about it.


Do you know who’s behind this?  Senator Bail Organa.  You know he ran against me for the position of Chancellor.  I beat him.  He’s a loser.  And he’s just sore about it.  The guy won’t let it go.  It’s pathetic really.

Now he’s saying that the Separatists were behind me the whole time?  If you remember I was on the side of the Republic!  Among others.

But now it feels like I’m constantly being stabbed in the back from people who ought to be respectful of the office I held.



Count Dooku.  We weren’t on the same side, but he was a real leader.  In another universe I think we could have been friends.  Best friends. Forever.


Let’s talk about Count Dooku for a moment.  Now there was a strong leader.  Charismatic.  And y’know the guy had a lot of smarts.  A guy who I knew where I was with.  You’ve got to have respect for a guy like that.  Just so much respect.

Now let’s talk about Bail.  Sheesh – where do I start.  The guy’s liberal big time, and where was his home planet of Alderaan during the Clone Wars with their “we’re peaceful, we have no weapons?”.  They’re lucky the fighting passed them by.  But the Republic had their backs to the wall, and those guys didn’t help out.  Shameful.  And they’re all so whiny and smug!

I tell you, one day that planet’s going to get it’s comeuppance.  Just mark my words.  They’re just a planet of troublemakers I tell you!


One thought on “My presidency was not hacked by Separatists. More fake news!

  1. I found out one political parties plan is to take money from starving sick orphans and give it to the banking clan and never require them to pay it back. All because they want the banking clan to grow to the other banks don send their profits to another galaxy a long way away. That plan is so deliciously evil.


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