Announcing the galactic Minister For Women

Wow, this was a real close thing.  We were trying to make a call about who gets to be the Minister For Women in my cabinet.  We have so many talented guys in the running for this.  Incredibly talented.

It was so close to being Darth Vader.  So close.  He knows more about abusing women than anyone.  I mean abuse of women.  He just lost his wife you know.  Such a tragedy.



Jabba the Hutt.  This guys keeps himself chained to a woman at all times.  He’s like a modern day male suffragette.  Isn’t he an inspiration?


In the end though we gave the position to Jabba The Hutt, there is a guy who knows women.  He always keeps one by his side.  Y’know, on a leash.  There’s a guy who’s in tune with what make women tick.

Isn’t he fantastic?  I think he’s fantastic.

He really has vision about helping women find their place.  I’m personally not sure if that’s being chained up to him, forced to dance or otherwise be fed to his pet Rancor.  But he tells me that he has a lot of experience here.  Just so much experience.

So I’m sure he knows best!


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