Yes, we are still building the Death Star!

With the Clone Wars concluded I’ve had several Senators, you know the usual troublemakers, asking me if this means we’ll stop construction of the Death Star.



The Death Star is a strategic weapon designed to make the conventional warfare we suffered and endured during the Clone Wars obsolete.  Building this thing was a huge campaign pledge of mine!  I know the Separatists wanted to get their hands on the plans and build their own.  Had they won, do you think they’d have abandoned construction?  You’re damn right they wouldn’t.

But let’s not forget, building the Death Star has just been huge as a job creation initiative.  And let’s talk some hard truth here – we’re talking job creation for humans.  Humans who were too often sidelined or let down in the days of the Republic, but who did the majority of the fighting in the Clone Wars.



Your typical alien is cowardly and lazy.  They don’t even bother to properly learn to speak the standard Galactic language properly.


Do you see how badly the Republic let down humans?  How you can’t treat an alien as an equal to a human?  Aliens are cowardly and lazy, they were quite happy to let us humans fight for their freedoms and their rights during the Clone Wars.  Yet there are still people going “why don’t you have more jobs in your Empire for Wookies?”.  Such people are an absolute disgrace.

And there are other people.  Actually let’s not call them people, these aren’t people, they’re traitors.  And they’re saying about the Death Star “why do we need the power to destroy a whole planet, that’s just a weapon of terror”.

And do you know what I say?  You’re damn right!  It is a terror weapon.  But it’s our terror weapon.  And do you know the thing about terror ?  It works.  Do you think if we’d had a Death Star the Separatists would have ever pulled out of the Republic?  No!  This is how we create the stability the galaxy so desperately needs and deserves right now.


Feel you disagree?  Please use the comments below, and Darth Vader will vet through your comments.  Please remember to leave details of your next of kin …



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